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Sludge Containers

Custom  Manufacturing's commitment to quality is best demonstrated by the durability of the product we manufacture.  We do not mass produce our products.  All Containers are built to our customers specification and satisfaction.  Our containers are AMERICAN made 100%

       Integrity           Quality          Tradition          Superiority

Custom  Manufacturing's  Sludge Containers are manufactured for collecting, storing and transporting a wide variety of sludge's.   Containers feature continuously welded seams, fully gasketed rear door knife edge seal, adjustable hinges, ratchet binders and adjustable grab hands located on the underside of rear door. Grab hands act as a secondary protecting the driver from any unnecessary danger when discharging the load.


  Over Under Lid                              Roll Top Lid                               Spring Load Aluminum Lid


  • Storing and Transporting Sludge
  • Soil Clean-Up
  • Heavy Equipment Excavation
  • Plant Contaminated Waste
  • Oil Field
  • Hazardous Waste Hauling

De-Watering features available on Sludge Container



SIZE       A       B        C        D
10YD      40"      53"      96"      13'4'
20YD      45"      58"      96"      23'6'
25YD      55"      68"      96"      23'6"
30YD      65"      78"      96"      23'6"


Grab Hands/Secondary Release                                      Top Hinge Rear Door                                              Adjustable Grab Hands        


Adjustable Top Hinge                                                     Bull Nose and Roller                                               Roll Top Lid Assembly



  • Bulkhead/Doors/Walls/Floors       3/16 HR Sheet
  • Top Rail                                     4" X 4" X 3/16"
  • Main Rails                                  6" X 2" X 1/4" Structural Steel
  • Solid Bar Rail Butts                     1 1/4" HR Plate
  • Cross Members                           18" Centers
  • Pull Plate and Pull Hook               Pull Plate (3/4" HR Plt)/Pull Hook (1 1/4" Grd 50 Plt)
  • Gussets                                     (2) Gussets on every other cross member
  • Rear Wheels                               (2) 8" with 1 7/8" CR Axles
  • Axles/Hinges                              All axles and hinges have                                                                                             grease zerk fittings
  • Bulkhead Vertical                        4 X 2 X 3/16 Structural Tube
  • Rear Door Gasket                        1 X 2 Closed Cell
  • Roller Finger                               3/4" Plate Roller Finger
  • Primer                                        Phenolic Modified Industrial Primer
  • Paint Color                                  Per Customer Request
  • ANSI Safety Decals included on all equipment free of charge


  • Front Wheels
  • Dempster
  • Heil Dead Lift
  • Ampliroll
  • Stellar
  • Swap Loader
  • Pal Lift
  • 1/4" Floor

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